Eurasia Dispute Resolution Center is an institution aiming to resolve the disputes,

  • In line with the real intent of the parties,
  • In the light of principle of confidentiality,
  • Independently and with an unbiased approach,
  • With active participation of the parties,
  • With flexibility in the solutions,
  • In a cost and time-saving manner,
  • By achieving satisfactory results for the parties.

To inspire others about the use of mediation in the resolution of disputes covering a range of matters concerning the whole society with our expertise.

  • to provide top quality services in the resolution of domestic and international disputes,
  • to contribute to social peace and tolerance by creating sustainable solutions,
  • to take a leading and active role in contributing permanent, economic solutions serving to the benefits of the parties in connection with international legal disputes and attracting foreign capital flow into our country,
  • to achieve most satisfactory swift solutions as soon as possible with the minimum cost and in line with the requests of the participants.

Our center has adopted the following values and strictly follows these ethical values:

  • unbiased and independent,
  • high ethical values,
  • strongly committed to integrity and confidentiality,
  • based on mutual respect,
  • with a professional attitude.


  • Adherence to the high standards as whole in terms of our skills and ethical principles,
  • Providing accessibility to high standard mediation services,
  • Providing creative solutions with our specialized and proficient mediators, keeping our clients satisfied preeminently.

Innovation and Expansion of Mediation Practice

  • Leading the way to expand mediation practice with proper standards,
    Conducting innovative activities and research on mediation practice continuously.

Main Player in Mediation Practice

  • To be in main discussions with an aim to contribute the expansion and development of mediation,
  • To be a trustworthy and professional resource on mediation.